A look at future kitchen trends we expect to see emerging, influenced by sustainability and, of course, lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic

Sustainable kitchens and other future kitchen trends

As experienced kitchen designers and installers, we’re always keeping an eye on future kitchen trends in order to ensure our customers have the most up-to-date options and the opportunity to future-proof their kitchens for years to come.

In fact, when it comes to future-proofing, that’s very much the theme for emerging kitchen trends in 2021, with a focus on a timeless aesthetic, where we seek inspiration in products of old that will last for generations – a style that blends beautifully with the primary theme for all future kitchen trends: sustainable kitchens.

With a growing focus on the green agenda, kitchen design of the future will be grounded in eco-solutions, plus of course the lessons we’ve learned over the past 12 months of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sustainable kitchens

Sustainability is the future in all respects, with home design trends on a whole reflecting our desire to make the world a greener place.

In terms of kitchen trends, we’re seeing homeowners leaning more towards some of our more eco-friendly design and ideas such as:

Mixing new items with reclaimed woods and vintage furniture – upcycling, reusing and repurposing are great sustainable choices.

Conscious consumerism – more focus on sourcing locally, working with local craftspeople and buying from traceable and responsible/ethical procurement chains.

Biophilic design – emphasis on more greenery in living spaces, bringing the outside in and connecting us to nature and the environment with ‘living’ walls and plants generously spread throughout kitchens and interiors.

Limewash – we’re seeing a return to more organic and eco-friendly paint alternatives in kitchens of the future, and we love the look of limewash!

Other future kitchen trends

Keeping with this more environmental influence in kitchen design, we’re also likely to see these trends creeping in more and more over the next year or two…

Nostalgia will be a keyword for kitchens, bringing the old and new together with lovely echoes of the past in the form of nostalgic wall art, fittings and accessories.

A contemporary country kitchen feel is shaping up to be a firm favourite too – again blending styles by taking the clean and crisp functionality and practicality or a modern kitchen and softening it up with softer textiles, rustic textures, natural (reclaimed!) materials and comforting colours.

Talking of colours, these kitchen trends will be perfectly complemented by earthy hues and natural tones – think soft, light greens to set-off all that mood-boosting greenery.

Japandi style kitchens – this is our favourite global, emerging kitchen trend, brilliantly balancing the best of Japanese and Scandinavian design with its minimal, warm and calming vibes and embracing of imperfections.

With significant changes to our lifestyles over the past year due to the global coronavirus pandemic, this will also influence kitchens now and in the future.

We’ll be installing larger pantries to facilitate fewer supermarket visits and enable families to stock up on essentials for those ‘just in case’ scenarios, and we’ll also see more versatility in the design of kitchen and living spaces. Zoning, space-saving, multi-tasking and adapting areas for various purposes will all be a strong feature in our kitchens and homes.

You’ll find more insight into how Covid will impact kitchen design here, or if you’d like an informal chat with one of our specialists to help you decide on the future kitchen trends you’d like to use on your project, get in touch.

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