Our passion for practical and beautiful kitchens is never-ending, and we’re always excited to see how fashions and styles change – so here’s a quick look at the gorgeous new kitchen trends 2020 has in store...

If you’re looking to update or restyle your kitchen in 2020, our guide to the latest trends will provide some inspiration to help you start visualising the type of kitchen design that will work for you. Our experts have been exploring the different ways that you can make a mark on your home while staying completely en vogue.

Kitchen trends for 2020 – colours, features and finishes

First up is colour. Or perhaps the absence of it, as this year black is set to become our go-to feature colour. This may sound a little overwhelming, but intense blacks and deep dark greys can be cleverly combined with complementary surfaces and furnishings in warm earthy tones – ensuring your stylish kitchen still feels inviting and liveable.

If there’s one keyword for kitchens in 2020, it’s ‘timeless’. We’re looking forward to integrating enduring, timeless finishes into our designs that will give a firm nod towards more traditional methods and practices. We’ll be embracing the return of wooden kitchen cabinetry, with the application of light stains to enhance and showcase the subtle yet stunning timber grain – natural wood is definitely the way to go this year.

Some other timeless materials and finishes we’ll be bringing up-to-date include:

Marble and stone surfaces

Polished and textured plaster walls

Fluted glass

Polished concrete

We’ll also be focusing on brass as a key feature in our kitchens in 2020, continuing on its success as a modern metallic that adds more warmth to the space than its colder cousin, chrome. We’ll be using brass on taps, handles and lighting to liven up dark cabinetry and worktops.

Kitchen layout trends for 2020

In terms of design and layout, there are two slightly different takes on the once popular open-plan kitchen trend in 2020: anti-kitchen and broken plan (yes, you read that right!).

While open-plan is set to stay a popular style, we’ll be shaking it up a little with the anti-kitchen approach – using a more freestanding feel to the furniture as an alternative to traditional static cabinetry, to help the area blend in with the living space.

This type of kitchen design will also make use of materials, textures and accessories more usually found in living rooms, creating a fluid and seamless flow between working, cooking and relaxing zones by blurring and softening harsh lines.

Broken-plan kitchen design will be utilised where homeowners want the best of both worlds – retaining the feeling of light and openness of an open-plan kitchen, while using dividers, shelves, half-walls and glass elements to create distinctive zones that provide a little more privacy between spaces. There are lots of options to play with here, you just need a little creative thinking.

Sustainable kitchens

Sustainability is the buzzword that (quite rightly) will never go away, and the kitchen industry is gearing up with some more sustainable material choices to help reduce environmental impact.

Repurposing marble off-cuts is one way we can use surplus materials for more sustainable kitchen designs – and conveniently this fits in with our steer towards the ‘timeless’ trend. Cork is also being heavily explored and experimented with, so expect to see more of this completely biodegradable material being used in modern kitchens. With its strong eco credentials, it’s a truly sustainable solution.

So that’s our take on the kitchen trends 2020 will be serving up – and if you’re looking for experts in bespoke kitchen design in Leeds or Harrogate to help you create the perfect space, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.

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