The Five Questions to Ask Before Planning Your Dream Kitchen.

What New Year’s resolutions will you be making this year?

Perhaps it’s to spend more time with the family.

Or to be super-organised in 2019 so you can get more out of everyday life.

Then of course, there’s the most popular resolution of all; to live more healthily.

Well, believe it or not, a new kitchen can help you achieve all of these resolutions, making the New Year a great time to plan a kitchen makeover.

With a kitchen that works well for you and your family; you’ll create the space to spend quality time together, gain a more organised living area, and achieve a kitchen that makes healthy routines a breeze.

But before you head out to the nearest kitchen showroom, take a little time to think about what you want from your new kitchen. This will help you decide which style of kitchen is best for you and which features will bring the greatest benefits to your family.

Here are the five questions to ask before investing in your dream kitchen.

1. What does a kitchen mean to me?

A kitchen means different things to different people.

For some, it’s all about the cooking – whipping up gourmet meals for friends and family.

For others, the kitchen is a space where everyone comes together; where parents can chill out with a cuppa while the kids get on with their homework.

Think about what you want from your kitchen – it’s probably a combination of things. A practical space for cooking, a sociable dining space, and a place to relax.

A good kitchen designer will be able to create a design that takes all your different needs into account, creating zones for the different functions your kitchen needs to fulfill.

2. Am I stuck in a style rut?

When you think of your preferred kitchen style, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and turn to the same old styles time after time.

When you imagine a kitchen, perhaps you instantly think ‘country farmhouse’ or ‘shaker style’. But so much is possible in modern kitchen design so take a look at some of the new styles you might not have considered before like 'Scandinavian style kitchen' or a 'modern rustic kitchen'.

Use websites like Pinterest for inspiration. If you normally go for neutral colourways, perhaps consider something bolder. Or if you’re bored with your old traditional style, take a look at the new industrial looks in kitchen design.

When you work with a bespoke kitchen designer, you won’t be limited to specific materials or colours; so you can let your imagination run wild.

3. What’s on my kitchen wish list?

What gadgets, appliances or features have you always wanted in your dream kitchen? Don’t worry about practicalities at this stage, just have a little fun and create your ultimate wish list.

Perhaps you’d love a double oven for effortless entertaining.

Maybe you’d adore a window seat so you can enjoy views of the garden while sipping on a glass of something chilled.

Or if you’re a caffeine addict, a barista-style coffee bar could be just what you need.

From smart storage solutions to clever gadgets that make every day more fun, add everything to your list. You can always refine your wish list later but getting everything down on paper is the best way to decide exactly what you’d love to have.

Remember, no idea is off limits - you may be surprised at just what your kitchen designer can make happen!

4. Do I need to rework the space?

Think about the layout of your current kitchen. Would life be easier if things were in different places? For example, does it annoy you how often you have to walk between the fridge, hob and sink? Could the space work better if things were moved around?

Perhaps you could create a much bigger space by knocking down a wall or repositioning a door. A good kitchen design company will be able to talk to you about how to make the best use of your space.

5. Which kitchen company can help me best?

Finding the right kitchen company is the key to achieving your dream kitchen.

You’ll be spending a lot of time talking to your kitchen designer, so it’s important to find a kitchen company that understands exactly what you want to achieve.

A good kitchen designer will be able to talk through your ideas and make suggestions of their own before creating a design to deliver the right kitchen for you and your lifestyle.

If you’re planning to start 2019 with a new kitchen, get in touch with Nest Kitchens. Whether you’ve got some ideas already, or need a little inspiration, we’ll be happy to help.

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