The newest kitchen designs will certainly be impacted by the pandemic – here’s what we believe kitchens will look like in the post-covid home

The newest kitchen designs in a post-covid world

We’re always keeping an eye on the newest kitchen designs and thinking ahead ourselves about ideas and solutions that may be needed to ensure the most functional and appealing use of space for homeowners about to embark on a kitchen makeover.

Unusually, now we’re a year into the coronavirus pandemic, we’re having to start thinking about kitchen design in a totally new way, in order to navigate through the challenges we’re facing now, and how things will change in a post-covid world.

With no current, clear signs that we’re coming out the other side just yet, and seeing just how quickly and substantially life has changed in the face of a global pandemic, we’ve been thinking about how we can make kitchen design align with these changes.

How will the newest kitchen designs cater for covid?

It’s fair to say that the pandemic is here to stay for a while – and even once we’re out of the woods, we may still need to observe social distancing and other safety measures for much longer, even if sporadically.

However long the effects are here to stay, we’ve all learned that more flexibility is needed in our homes if they’re to support any changing needs in the future. More than ever, they need to be able to work as places for relaxation, play, interaction and even work or home-schooling too.

Here are some more changes we envisage as we start to see the newest kitchen designs emerge post-covid…

Zoning – an increasingly important factor, we’ll see (and be utilising ourselves) furniture and screens being used to separate spaces and create areas for changing use.

Sound-proofing – with more family and social activity taking place in our homes, acoustic linings and other sound-proofing solutions will be being built into kitchen builds and refurbishments in order to cut down noise and distractions.

Outdoor/indoor spaces – where socialising may continue to be restricted, developing a flow from indoor to outdoor spaces will be extremely useful, with extensions and large sliding/folding doors being used to open up kitchen spaces. If you have a patio, decking or garden space outside your kitchen, reconfiguring to allow this flow could be invaluable. A gazebo, retractable awning or lean-to shelter could increase use even in slightly less favourable weather while still allowing you to dine or enjoy a coffee with friends without being in an enclosed space.

Natural light - Being cooped up at home means we need to look at ways to brighten things up, so the newest kitchen designs will look to allow as much natural light in as possible.

Sustainability – we’ve all learned to love our local area that little bit more in recent times and that community spirit will live on in the way we furnish our homes – leading to more sourcing of local suppliers and materials, and a more sustainable approach to our kitchens and homes as a whole.

Larger storage – with less trips to the supermarket, more online shopping and perhaps even extra time for cooking experiments, kitchens will now be designed to include more consumable storage space, so expect to see a comeback of the pantry!

Health kitchens, healthy homes

At their very essence, the kitchen designs we’re starting to see emerge are focused on health and wellbeing. Our indoor space affects us both physically and mentally, so we need to ensure that our homes are designed to support that.

With this in mind, our kitchen designers here at Nest are training to qualify as WELL accredited professionals; this credential denotes a commitment to advancing human health and wellness in buildings, and will be a key factor in our newest kitchen designs.

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