At Nest we live and breathe trends. We are passionate about how spaces make people feel, how we perceive the colours, textures, finishes. When designing kitchens that will last years, if not a lifetime, we make sure our choices are timeless.

Some tendencies in the industry are bolder than others, we do believe that a statement piece can transform the room massively, so we always keep up to date with the latest trends in materials and technology. However, the reality is that our clients tend to go for “safer” options when it comes to main components that make the kitchen – we can’t blame them, when investing in a kitchen.



We have designed many beautiful kitchens over the past couple of years using a lot of grey and navy shades – on both shaker and modern style frontals. They are such easy colours that compliment any space and any style of a property. We will miss the grey, cold tones but we are also very excited to try the new, trendy colours in our future projects. We instantly fell in love with the natural direction in kitchen cabinetry – grained wood seems to be making a comeback but in a more simple, subtle way.

Another strong trend we’re observing is dark frontals. We are particularly excited about the moody shades of green and the dramatic black.


There is a definite favourite amongst our customers when it comes to the worktop material – quartz. It’s extremely durable, easy in maintenance and non-porous. It is also naturally hygienic and resistant to stains and scratches. The wide colour offering allows our clients to customise their kitchen. We’ve seen a lot of love for grey veined marble on Pinterest and Instagram and that’s where most of our customers get inspiration from. This year we can see a shift from grey veins to gold, greige (grey beige) ones and we love the warmer, natural palette!

Another popular choice is solid timber – it adds a touch of natural, cosy feel to soften any kitchen.

You can transform any solid wood worktop, table top or shelving by staining it, and next year is looking pretty dark and warm!


The main rule when it comes to handles would be – invisible! A lot of designs we admire tend to show a handleless design that can be achieved in two ways. You can either go j-pull style or – a very seamless and classy – rail profile. They both look beautiful and result in a very modern, contemporary look. Another way of creating a seamless look but with a handle, would be to match the handle to the frontal. It’s a very effective way if you would like to go a bit more traditional.


The easiest and most affordable way to update your kitchen is changing the colour of your walls. So don’t panic if they don’t match most of the Pinterest images just yet, we are here to show you some new colours that will be trending in 2019!

Muted clay

Bronze Green

Old Rose


Continuing the natural look and feel, the flooring in 2019 will be all about simplicity. We can see a lot of concrete looking tiles, wooden flooring (or laminate versions) and dark stone tiles or vinyl.


Such an important element of designing your kitchen. At Nest we offer a complimentary interior design service, to ensure that all the components in the space work together and create the perfect interior. We help our clients choosing lighting and soft furnishings if we’re designing an open plan kitchen. All the elements are so important and we are here to help guide you towards the best option for your kitchen.

These are our timeless choices.

We always advise our clients to follow the trends with moderation. The most important thing while choosing finishes and style of your new kitchen is to stay true to your own style, make safe choices when it comes to more expensive parts of the kitchen and accessorise!


(Images are taken as inspiration from Pinterest)

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